Peplink Balance One Core firewall list not updating

I have a couple Balance one core, one with current firmware is not updating changes to the firewall allowed list, when items are re-ordered the save button is not active and it does not save changes,
if you try to add a new one it puts it at the bottom and if you save it in a different order at that time it does not save.

very frustrating for me. other core units are working fine and saving changes etc.

This is unusual, please make sure you are up to date on firmware.

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yes it is, happened before on other devices quite some time ago, and a firmware upgrade had addressed this.

i reset the unit several times, i also downgraded the firmware, (lost all settings ), upgraded firmware )settings all come back but with same symptom of not being able to change items order in the firewall list.

version is 7.1.0 build 3433

downgraded to 6.3.1

then upgraded back to same 7.1.0 version

The current version is 8.0.2 firmware.

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hey thanks for that i had them set to auto download and update but all mine are sitting at 7.01

The 8.0.2 firmware does in fact fix that issue for that unit, so thank you very much for point that out.

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