Peplink Balance One Bug Issue

Hi guys,

My company has purchased the Balance One and its 5-WAN License.
I’ve posted the Activation Key in the System/Feature Activation form and got the foollowing ack message: “WAN 3,4 & 5 enable is now activated!”. However, there is no change in the admin UI, and ports 3, 4 & 5 are still considered as LAN ports.

I’ve created a ticket to the support team and am waiting for an answer.

In case of, I’ve upgraded the firmware from “6.1.1s16 build 1344” to “6.3.0 build 2189”, and turned on the Remote Assistance in the Status page.
Can you please get back with solutions?


Hi Spideo,

The feature to upgrade the Balance One with the 5-WAN license is only available for devices with firmware 6.3.1 onwards.
You can download the latest firmware here.

Thanks !
It works fine with 6.3.1 :wink: