Peplink Balance One and VLANs


I have a Peplink Balance One, and multiple unmanaged switchs with more than 50 connections under it.

I made 2 VLANs (one for VOIP and another one for workstations).

Workstations (VLAN 8)

The problem is, that I do not want to use DHCP and whenever I use a configuration for a workstation as under default gw, It doesn’t connect.

I found out the problem is that I am not taggin the connection as VLAN 8, and I cannot make a trunk, as I share the swicth with multiple configuration (VOIP/Ws).

So I would like to know if it is possible to tag a VLAN based on NAT configuration (IP Address -> tag as 8) or is there any other way, as I cannot make any trunk based on the current situtation.

The only solution I have is to manually tag the WS but that’s not a good procedure.


Is it possible to use the native (untagged) LAN for your workstations with and only manually tag the phones for VLAN 50? If it is required to have the workstations on a tagged VLAN, you are correct this would require a managed switch when both networks use the same switch. It is not possible to tag a VLAN based on NAT configuration.