Peplink Balance Making Network Slow - HELP!


I have been struggling with the Balance 30. I have 3 Connections, 8MBPS - 2 MBPS - 4 MBPS

When I connect the 8 MBPS the net works really fast, directly to my WIFI. The moment I go through the Peplink with 3 connections, even a google search takes 5 minutes. The Outbound policy is the default but I have tested Weight Balanced and Persistent. They both work the same - too slow.

I need to use it for three things:

  1. Surfing at a higher speed
  2. Netflix, Hulu on Roku

Can anyone please help me set it up right!

Thanks for looking…

Some of those services need all your traffic to come from one IP - the video ones particularly. Google now defaults to https. Most https has to be consistently on one ip per session - else the session is broken.

You should change to Outbound policy - select custom rules. Then add one for https: Source any, destination any TCP, port 443, persistence, by source, then custom and set the slider bias for your WAN speeds.

If your movie sites use https, that rule above will fix them too. If they use normal http, then you need to add a rule that puts the calls to a block of IPs, to the same WAN. Find the IP of the web site and servers. get the cidr for it. then a rule like: Source any, destination the IP block of the service, TCP and UDP, port any, persistence, by source, then custom and set the slider bias for your WAN speeds.

PM me if you need more.

Thank You

I will try this… Can I make an IP (On my Local Network) access Internet from one ISP? Like say a Roku in - how can I make sure that IP is accessing from the WAN1 - Instead of hunting for Netflix IP or ports…

I have never had a problem with Netflix or any other streaming service at my house, but you may want to bind your Roku to the faster connection to achieve the best quality :slight_smile:

This is easy to do: just make sure your outbound policy is set to managed by custom rules and then add a new rule. Name can be Roku, source will be IP - in this case, destination will be any, protocol any, and algorithm should be priority. Then just drag the faster connection to the highest priority. Don’t forget to click save and then apply changes.

Remember to leave the two default rules in place so HTTPS traffic is handled correctly.

Your Roku will now use the faster connection all the time unless it fails and then it will use the next connection, etc.


Hello Tim

Thanks So much…

One thing I forgot to add… Im using a double NAT - PepLink has a DHCP - Going to APPLE which has the main DHCP and connected to various Routers and Static IP’s. So in this case Ill set the same rules for ROKU - Say peplink is giving 192.168.1.x and Apple is 10.0.1.x