Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4 Available Now!

Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4 Available Now!
The wait is over! Firmware 5.4 is online and ready to take the Balance to the next level of performance, compatibility, and flexibility. Featuring our leading SpeedFusion™ technology, plus advances like domain-based rules and HTTP health checks, the Balance Firmware 5.4 update is one of the most important releases ever.

Firmware 5.4 Highlights:

  • SpeedFusion - SpeedFusion bonds the bandwidth of up to 13 links from various service providers into a single fat datapipe. With SpeedFusion, your clients get the fastest, most flexible, and most reliable VPNs yet.
  • Video bonding - Supercharge the speed and quality of video delivery and other streaming applications with our new patent-pending video bonding technology.
  • Outbound Traffic by Domain Name - Outbound Traffic by Domain Name makes it easy to route outbound corporate website traffic to faster Internet links, while redirecting leisure traffic to slower, less expensive links. Just specify desired domain names and outbound traffic routes accordingly.
  • Command line interface (CLI) support - Now you can control your Peplink devices from the command line. Our new CLI interface displays device information via text interface and customized applications.
  • Lots of other updates!

Learn about all the new features:
Download here:

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