Peplink Balance AP controllers & Firmware versions - AP's not appearing


I have the following balance devices:

  1. Balance 380 (6.1.3s2 build 1246)
  2. Balance 310 (5.4.4 build 1747)
  3. Balance 310 (5.4.4 build 1747)

First question is the balance 310’s dont seem to have AP controller; is this found in a later firmware or should it be there? From reading they should be able to run the AP Controller light.

Second question, is when I configure the 380 (1) to be AP controller, I’m having the following issue:

I have 6 AP devices (3 still to setup). If I use the current firmware listed below they show up in the AP controller for the balance 380.

3 devices on this: AP One AC Mini: 3.5.3s14-1632
3 devices on this: AP One AC Mini: 3.5.2 build 1540

However, if I upgrade to the latest firmware on the Mini devices as follows:

AP One AC Mini: 3.5.4-1681 (this is reported as the latest firmware)

Then they do not show up in the AP controller of the balance 380. Tried rebooting both AP and balance; but the only way they show up again is to reboot the AP’s into the older firmware (3.5.3).



Hi James,

First answer: AP Controller requires firmware 6.1 or above. If the Balance 310s are a HW2 revision or above you can upgrade them to the latest firmware.

Second answer: The Balance 380 needs to be upgraded to newer firmware. HW 3-5 revisions can upgrade to 6.3.3 firmware and HW6 revisions can run the latest firmware.

You can obtain firmware for your devices here.

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