Peplink Balance and list-based web blocking

I went through the Peplink Balance manual and also the short info at but I cannot find sufficient technical details on the following:

  1. Is the full list-based web blocking dynamically updated or only updated via firmware updates?
  2. Compared to OpenDNS how does the list-based web blocking fare?
  3. Does the full list-based web blocking provide real time traffic scanning for keywords and image scans?
  4. Does the list-based web blocking provide website databases (a categorized list of websites including those flagged for malware content, phishing and generally known malicious sites)?
  5. Does the full list-based web blocking extend to URL and content keyword scanning?

It will be updated via firmware update at the moment.

The Content Blocking is free.

The blocking is based in the pre-defined domains. You may download the database at Status > Device > System Information > Content Filtering Database.


Please find my answer in question 3 above.

Thank you.