Peplink Balance 710 Incorrect Ports

Good day.

We had a power failure a while back and after bootup ports LAN1-3 and WAN1 did not respond.
After a while I tested it offsite and I saw that for some reason the unit thinks LAN1 = WAN2(Physical port) and LAN2 = WAN3 and so on. When I plug my LAN Cable into WAN2 in the UI and on the small screen it says I am plugged into LAN1 and the same with WAN3 it says I am plugged into LAN2.

Can you help to provide the screenshots of the small screen you mentioned when you connect to WAN2 and WAN3?

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What HW version do you have?

Was it ever determined what the issue was and has it been solved?


You have the similar issue ? If yes, please open a support ticket for support team to check. Based on the issue description by @JohanG, it seen like hardware issue for the device.

No, but as I have a 710, I was asking for more info so I could bookmark it in the back of my mind for reference if anything that this might explain happens in the future.

Hi, We installed the unit 5 days ago and it is been working 100%. The Ethernet controller is broken so the ports on the device and the software to not mach. Unit is still fine just have to figure out with ports correspond to the ones inside the GUI.

Yes, it’s Ethernet port issue and suppose it’s an RMA case.

Again, which Hardware version do you have?