PepLink Balance 580 WAN ports 3,4,5 not working

Received brand new Balance 580 straight out of the box. Login to admin and configure all 5 WAN ports with static IPs and enable “Always-on” etc… Start plugging in ADSL WAN connections and only WAN ports 1&2 come up and connect with link lights and are operational. Ports 3,4&5 do not have physical link layer connectivity. Dashboard states No Cable Detected. Swap ADSL Ethernet connection from WAN port 3 to port 2 and port 2 comes up so there is no issue with the ADSL router/connection. Swap ADSL connections back and WAN port 2 comes up again and port 3does not. WAN port 1 is also working no issues during this time.

Any ideas why pots 3,4&5 are not coming up?

Could you please submit a support request, attaching a diagnostic report on

We will take a look at this.