Peplink Balance 580 shows nothing on screen and restarts by itself. Help!

Dear community,

I purchased a Balance 580 3 days ago in a popular second hand market in Spain. The person selling it told me it worked perfectly, but so far I haven’t been able to make it work.

The small LCD panel shows some black bars, and the unit restarts by itself every few minutes. I haven’t been able to connect to it vía IP.

Is there any way to restore it to factory settings?

Do you know any tech service in Spain? (Madrid preferably)

Thanks so much,


I’m sorry to say that you have likely been sold a faulty unit.
Check to see if the Peplink warranty stickers on the rear of the unit have been tampered with (the ones that stop you removing the lid).

If you are very lucky, the cable that connects the display to motherboard inside has just come loose when transported.

There are no official Peplink repair services available in Spain that I am aware of but here are the partners that are listed here


Thanks a lot Martin.

I would happily send it to repair, but since there is no official Peplink tech service in Spain, I’ll probably return it.

I appreciate your help anyways. Best regards.