Peplink Balance 580 Power Supply


Our Balance 580 has been a solid performer for number of years. Yesterday, the power supply unit (FSP100-50LGA) failed probably from power surges. I have been trying to get a replacement power supply unit from but do not see exact model on their site. Besides, the cable connectors for those units are also different from those of the Peplink power supply unit. Would appreciate if a kind soul point me to a place where I can order the unit online? I live in Bhutan (Asia) so it’s difficult to get it here.




You are advised to claim for RMA if 580 still under warranty. Else you will need Out-of-Warranty Repair.

Please open ticket here.


The device is out of warranty. Please advise where I can get Out-of-Warranty repair done.



Please open ticket here.


Just to let everyone know what a wonderful service I received from the Peplink support team. Even though my device was out of warranty, they got it repaired and returned under 15 days. Thank you for your stellar service. This is what keeps customers coming back. Cheers.


Hi Enigma,

Thank you for continue support Peplink.


Great job Peplink!


our psu went down out of warranty and there was no other unit or repair service available in the whole barcelona region, even from distributers. we managed to locate a near identical rack psu though in an electronics store and with a few cable mods it all powered up again - which is just as well as we were being quoted 3640€ and over a week in time to get a replacement… the new psu cost 75€ and was the same brand and rating



Out of warranty repair service is covering the following:

  • Fixing any hardware components maybe damage upon the power surges (Try to fix and if fail to fix then usually 1 to 1 hardware swap)
  • Resume 1 year hardware support (cover all parts after the service) and resume hardware warranty will allow you to have 1 year IC2 management access

We committed the device will working as expected after the service.