Peplink Balance 580 + LogMeIn technician console access


We recently upgraded from a Peplink 380 to a Peplink 580 HW 1 with the latest firmware. Most of the clients connected to the network are using LogMeIn to provide our remote service. I do have a question regarding the content blocking feature. How do I put an exemption to allow the clients to use the LogMeIn technician console? Every time I select the Proxy/Anonymizer option, they are unable to use or log in to the console. Everything else works fine so I am wondering if there is a specific setting for it.


Have you tried adding the logmein domain to the Extempted Domains list?

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yeah and it doesn’t seem to work. I’m not sure where the LogMeIn technician console logs into but that’s the only problem so far. I’ve tried as well and its corresponding IP address.