Peplink Balance 580 load balance with HD4 Quad LTE Mobile Router

Hi Guys I am new to this forum and peplink. To give you some background We purchased a balance 580 with a view to integrating it into our network, the idea was to attach our leased line, wimax connection and a number of ADSL connection. we would force traffic in different direction depending on what it was and also make use of facilities such as speedfusion et al. Long story short this never happend. We are now moving office and our wimax circuit does not seem to cover our new address.

My question is can we leverage the 580 and incorporate some kind of multi-sim 4G hardware/router (HD4 router) that will bond 4G sims and at the same time integrate with 580 own load balance. perhaps daisychain for lack of a better word!!!

any help would be appreciated


Based on my understanding, scenario now is that you’re moving office, and in your possession is a Balance 580, but no wired links.
You’re exploring the option of load-balancing internet via multiple 3G/4G connections, and want to explore way of doing that while making use of your 580?

Am I right?

Is it something like the following.

This is correct more or less. We will have a leased line at the new location and adsl but we would also like 3g/4g for extra redundancy as all wired pipes will most likely lead to the same exchange. Are there any tips or things to look out for when we attempt this?


If your 3G/4G comes with a modem dongle, you can plug it into the USB port of your 580 (which will be shown under Mobile Internet), and configure it as backup link.

Ok, If we lost all wired lines I do not thin one 3g/4g dongle would be enough to carry our operational data as well as users general http and email traffic. so I wanted to use something like the HD4 to aggregate the 4g via the 580.

That will work as well.

Connection wise, you can do something like this.

On your Balance 580
WAN 1 - Leased Line

- Cellular WAN 1 - 3G/4G

- Cellular WAN 2 - 3G/4G

- Cellular WAN 3 - 3G/4G

- Cellular WAN 4 - 3G/4G

Same as the USB case, you can choose to have your WAN 3 as backup priority, and HD4 will only kick in when the first 2 fails, or run them concurrently and managed via Outbound Policy.

Thank you very much mate. very helpful.

Can someone help!!! I have a Peplink Balance 580 can i attach SDSLM circuit to this or possibly ANXM, these are UK copper based circuits! or do I need some other bit of equipment. The idea is to bond SDSLMx4 plus ANXM (Voice) as a solution. What im thinking is to connect the SDSLM routers internal lan ports to the 580’s WAN connections.

any advice

As long as these circuits have Ethernet hand off they will work fine with our routers. Thanks.