Peplink Balance 580 deployement hypothese for a MALL

Hello everyone,

We have to design a network solution for a MALL with approximativelly 13 MALL offices, 160 shops and Wireless for customers (300 maximum simultaneous connections).

We planned to use a balance 580 with 1 dedicated internet + 3 FTTH of 20Mbps + 1 4G/LTE as Backup for maintenance purpose.

We will have 3 VLANs, a captive portal on the Wireless VLAN and want to manage shop with more precision (bandwidth or data bundle).

Can we allow internet per shop based on bandwidth or daily/monthly data bundle ?


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How much bandwidth on the dedicated internet link?

Off the top of my head - I like the idea of you acting as an ISP to the stores and deploying a BR1 or Balance 20x per store. That way each store has their own isolated LAN that can be configured as they need it to be and you then provide the internet to those devices. You could choose to do so over both wired and wireless connectivity back to your core network VLANs, each VLAN could have a captive portal on it (there is a max limit on captive portals per device but I can’t remember what it is). You could also sell 4G data to the stores as backup / failover or for more bandwidth.

At the core I would be considering the SDX or the new (not sure if its released yet) B580X for the additional throughput and the ability to add a 4G module directly to the device.

Yes. You would have a Shop VLAN that is presented to the stores over ethernet or wifi. The BR1 or Balance 20x (or whatever router they have there doing NAT) would then access that shop VLAN and you would set a daily / monthly data limit on the captive portal for each store.


Thanks @MartinLangmaid

The dedicated link is 10Mbps. This link will be primary use for maintenance and MALL offices.

Another question, is there a way to limit bandwidth provide to each shop ?

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If each shop used a single IP on your core network then you could add them to one of two available QoS categories (staff and guest) where you can set a user Bandwidth limit.

Or if each one had a Peplink device as their on premise device, you could even use Speedfusion VPN from the stores back to the balance, then you could set a custom VPN bandwidth limit per shop.

Lots of ways to approach this.