Peplink Balance 580 - Creating subgroups of users for blocking


I have been trying to solve a blocking issue using the PEPLINK Balance 580. Our situation is as follows:

  1. We have very limited bandwidth (4 DSL Lines that aggregate to Download speeds of 40 mbps, Upload Speeds of 4mbps).
  2. We are a school that maxes out to about 200 clients on our network at once. We currently are using a CloudTrax Open Mesh for our WiFi.
  3. I want 3 subgroups of computers for web/app blocking:
    a. Manager - No blocks
    b. Staff - Limited blocks
    c. Students - Pretty well everything blocked except for Google.

It seems I am able to choose only one exception group. Is there a way around this? I am also struggling blocking apple music streaming.

PLease advise,

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