Peplink balance 380

Hi Peplink,

For Peplink 380 is it possible to add a features on Outbound Policy. Policy which is can easily group the LAN IP, an option like Start IP to End IP. Because with this option it will help easily set a policy route for LAN groupings.

Peplink Outbound policy rules now has on only this options for Source “any/IP address/IP Network/MAC address”. It could be more effective if it has also an option for IP Start: x.x.x.x - End: x.x.x.x

Hoping that this additional features we might get from new firmware updates.

Hoping the consideration on this suggestion.


Moving this to feature requests for better exposure.

We could use this big time as well. Another +1 here.

I like the idea… +1 here…

Hi All,

Thank you for the feedback. This seems to be a valid request, and it will be included in our roadmap for future firmware release.

Best regards.

We requested this feature having the ability to group outbound policy/firewall policy elements to minimize the need for creating so many rules there… but no attention until now ! also the ability to have time schedule when this policies effect and when not effect is really useful and already existed on other competitive devices and so many time requested by the customers. this is not only for B-380 and I should be for all Balance and MAX Devices.

I hope we could see these features very soon.

Good Luck


Hi WeiMing Peplink Administrator,

Hoping that this additional feature will be included to your new firmware release for all peplink balance, and it may release soon.

Thanks for the time and considering this additional features to peplink balance.