Peplink balance 380 usage logs

My peplink balance 380 has stopped logging (displaying) daily usage. It is now August 2019, and the last daily report I can see is 05-22-2019. What can I do to fix this! I thought it might be a space issue, that it can only hold so much, but I can’t find where to delete or clear the current log data to make room.
I would really appreciate any suggestions for solving this. Thank you.

What firmware version are you are using?

Thank you for trying to help.

Firmware is: 6.3.3 build 3560

I would confirm you are getting NTP updates and 2 way communication with UDP port 123 is working.


Would you please update the device using the latest firmware and see whether it help ? If the problem still persist after the firmware upgrade, please open a support ticket for support team to check.

Firmware download URL as below :