Peplink Balance 380 QOS/NAT Question

Hello… I don’t have a great deal of experience with this product so I apologize if my question comes off as silly.

I’m just curious how you can apply QOS to certain users or subnets with NAT being applied before it reaches the Peplink. Our current setup is ISP > Peplink > Cisco ASA (doing NAT) > switches/workstations ]. If you put the NAT device (we’re using a Cisco ASA 5510) after the Peplink, then how would you load balance? Ideally, I’d like to be able to implement QOS on certain users and/or subnets and still maintain redundancy and load balancing. Please help and thanks!!


Hi Mitch,

Thank you for using Peplink.

The QoS and load balance are two different features.

The Peplink QoS feature is to allocate a certain amount of bandwidth to the users.

As for load balancing you can refer to Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

Unfortunately we will need to see the source IP Address for the users in order to implement the QoS feature.