Peplink Balance 380 HA

i need some help now we have Peplink Balance 380 Hardware Revision 5 and i will order new one to create HA now the new box will be Hardware Revision 6.

so my question is can i make HA between 2 box one with Hardware Revision 5 and Hardware Revision 6



Configuring HA between two Balance 380’s with different hardware revisions is possible.

Keep in mind that you will get the best results when both Balance 380’s have the same hardware revisions.
I would strongly advise to replace the older Balance 380, since you want to be able to rely on HA.

Find more information about HA here: Configuring 1+1 Backup by High Availability (HA)

Dear Joey

thanks for your replay so it’s will work but may we face performance issue or what issue we may face



Yes, you may face performance issues.

Since the two Balance 380’s run on different firmware versions and hardware components, the HA might not completely work or not work at all.
That’s why I would always advise to use the same firmware version and hardware revision when using HA.

Hi yallam:

Joey is on point here. Since hardware specs change on the different revisions (throughput, etc) that can have an effect on performance when failover occurs from Master to Slave.