Peplink Balance 310 site to site VPN /w third-party firewall?


Can the Peplink Balance 310 form a site-to-site VPN tunnel with a third-party product such as the Cisco ASA 5500 series? I have a Balance installed at a site and the documentation as well as the GUI indicates that the Balance will only do a VPN with another Peplink. However, a colleague tells me that a firmware upgrade on the Balance will provide the capability to VPN with another manufacturer’s product.


Sorry to bother, but is there any representative from Peplink on this forum? I need to know soon, otherwise we’ll be replacing the Peplink with an ASA. Thank you.

You are right, Joe. With the latest firmware, Peplink can form IPSec VPN with third-party firewall. Here is how to upgrade to the latest firmware.

If you have another Peplink at the end, you have the option to use our SpeedFusion VPN instead. This way you won’t lose the goodies that IPSec lacks.

Thanks Kurt! I really appreciate your help.