Peplink Balance 310 performance

Just wondering if anybody has done any benchmarking of the Peplink Balance series - we have a Balance 310 connected to a 50/50 link, and while the performance seems good when the link is idle, we are finding that the router CPU utilization is quite high & performance quite poor when the link is busy.

Recently we had approx 10,000 - 15,000 TCP connections tracked by the router, with about 30mbit of continuous traffic. Despite the link being only 60% saturated, we started to see high latency and new connections were only able to achieve < 50KB/s through the router. The web interface reported the CPU usage as 80-100% throughout this period.

It seems to me like we’re pushing what this router is capable of, but then I’m not very familiar with Peplink routers. Any input would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

How many users on your network? Also, in your situation, I suggest to obtain the diagnostic report and submit it via our ticketing system.

Balance 310 is recommended for up to 50 concurrent users not more than that :wink: you may need a more powerful balance like 305/380.