Peplink Balance 310 HLS streaming howto configure load balancing

We have a Peplink Balance 310 with 3 ADSL lines attached, WAN3 is a VDSL line (40 mBit/s download/4 upload), WAN2 is ADSL (20/2), WAN1 is ADSL (10/1).
We want to stream HLS streams using the Peplink. The image of the HLS stream sometimes freezes, it lookes like there’s not enough bandwith available.
We set an outbound policy “Weighted Balance” 0:5:10:0. Strangely the Peplink shows equal download and upload rates, the same for WAN2 and WAN3 (see attachment)??!!
How is this possible? Streaming only uses download?? What are we doing wrong? We want most of the download from WAN3 and little of WAN2.


I would ask you to create a support ticket here so we can take a deeper look at what is going on.



Do you have feedback on this? and more generally, the support of HLS on MAX series?



The previous reported issue is more to the WebUI display issue for the old firmware.

Regarding to HLS support, this is more on the HLS application and so far no issue reported for HLS traffics passing through the MAX device.

For more information, please refer to the URL below:

Thank You