Peplink Balance 305


I am trying to setup one to one NAT however I don’t want outbound enabled for all interfaces. Basically we have multiple wan interfaces but want to use just one for our web servers. Inbound we can assign to just one, but outbound doesn’t give a selection option. I was thinking of creating a false secondary IP on all other interfaces and then assign that IP for outbound on the one to one NAT.

does anyone know if this will work or are there any other setups that would work?


The NAT Mapping determines which IP address to use. Outbound policy rules are used to determine which WAN link is used.


You shouldn’t define the fake IP for the outgoing NAT as this will cause outgoing NAT issue.

NAT Mapping defined the NAT need to performed for the incoming & outgoing traffics (1 to 1 NAT). You can create a “outbound policy” to enforce the network traffics using the dedicated WAN. Seem outgoing traffics is enforce to use the dedicated WAN, thus the defined outgoing NAT will not take effect for outgoing network traffics. This is the correct way to define the NAT mapping & the outbound policy.

Thank You