Peplink Balance 305 PepVPN Problems

We were trying to link our balance 305 to one of our balance 20’s this past weekend. Funny
thing is that the 305 pepvpn status only stays at “starting” never would change to “connecting”.
Deleted the profile and tried it again from new and still same problem. Both 305 & 20 are latest
firmware with incontrol2, 305 is v2 without additional speedfusion lisc. im sure we have configured
correctly. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Please ensure you have public IP on either side (the public IP should show on the WAN interface). I would suggest getting help from your purchasing point if you need further help.


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Yes that is the case in our setup both sites have statics configured into the peplinks. What I do not understand is why the peplink 305 does not even go to “connecting” and try to attempt connection to the balance 20. Our balance 305 was purchased new about 7 months ago.