Peplink Balance 305 HW2 Fan running loud


A few days ago I noticed for the first time a loud fan noise in my server room and identified it coming from our 3 years old Peplink 305.
I rebooted it and upgraded to version 8.0.0 Beta 2 but no change to the fan speed.
See images of device information
Question 1: Should I be concerned?
Questions 2: Is there something I can do.
Thanks for any help.


Hello Nicolas (@Nicolas_Lefevre),
Fans are mechanical moving devices that sometime suffer from ware & tare or get small particles of dust & dirt in them.

Is your Balance 305 still within warrenty, if so you can raise a support ticket to look at getting the fan serviced/replaced.

If it is out of warrenty, then we suggest contacting your local Peplink Partner to organise a service, they should be able to arrange for the fan to be replaced (expect that there may be a service & parts cost involved).

PS, your image did not come though into the forum, you may like to retry posting the image.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Marcus.
Thanks for the answer.
I tried reposting the image below.
In case it does not work, it shows:

  • Temperature 51.5 Celcius
  • 3% CPU load
  • Fan speed of 17000 rpm
    So the fan definitely works. Just in overdrive…
    Anyway, I am out of warranty and will contact local partner.
    Thanks again.


Hello @Nicolas_Lefevre,
Image is viable this time, all looks OK to us except the Fan Speed, that looks high. To verify you also had this high speed on FW Ver 7.1.2 GA before you went to the beta release?
You can raise a support ticket if you’d like Peplink to look further into it (please quote the ticket # here too for reference), Peplink Support may ask you for the routers diagnostic files (can be downloaded from the status tab of the router).
From what we read here and based on experience a replacement fan may be your quickest & best option.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


The answer is yes, the high fan speed started 3 days ago with FW Ver 7.1.2 GA.
This is what prompted me to try FW Ver 8.0.0 beta 2.
That did not change anything to the Fan PB but at least I could see temperature and fan speed in the device information panel that I could not in previous GA version.
For my information, do you know how many fans are in my Peplink 305 HW2 (1 or more)?
Have a G’day



Don’t think this is related to firmware issue. I will suggest you to open a support ticket and allow support team to check on this.