Peplink Balance 305 and VOIP traffic

I have a standard comcast business connection that is not dedicated and I also have a Verizon T1 provided by my VOIP provider.

Last night I connect both the connections to the Peplink Balance 305 and configured the ports so that both the connects were working. I made outbound policies that routed any packet going to my phone providers servers go out the T1 connection.

When I woke up this morning I had 6 missed calls from people telling me the internet was god awful slow and that we were having problems in office.

My first inclination is that the T1 was also taking on traffic other than just phone traffic. Is there anyway I can get it so that only VOIP traffic goes out the T1 connection and the rest of my traffic uses my comcast connection?



I would create a separate VLAN just for you VoIP network and then on the outbound policy make the source your VoIP network address, choose the protocol (UDP) then make the destination the domain or IP of the feature server of your VoIP provider via port 5060 and same with your RTP ports in another outbound policy. I would make the Algorithm either Priority or enforced. Then I would create your outbound policies for all other traffic below for computer, wifi, and so forth.

Also you need to TAG all ports on your switch to the VLAN ID (10) that the VoIP phones are plugging into and then TAG the Phones with VLAN ID (10).

This is generally what I do in a basic VLAN setup.

Inbound Firewall:

Protocol: UDP
Source: IP of you feature server
Port: 5060
Destination: ANY
Port: ANY

*Same thing for your RTP Ports.

I guess I should add we only use Soft Phone clients running on people’s computers.

Try making the source for the outbound policy for 5060 and RTP ports, ANY. Also, are you on 6.2.0? QOS Settings? Is it in compatibility mode? What are your upload and download speeds for Comcast because I use them for quite a few customers and they are anything but reliable and have tons of intermittent issues from my own experiences.

We are running pretty stable on just the Comcast connection but we got a dedicated T1 for JUST the phone traffic.
The Comcast connection is fine when its running on its own for regular internet use. But we want the VOIP traffic on the T1 for better QOS.

It was just when i had both of the connections the whole network got bogged down. Calling over VOIP was fine but general internet traffic was just slow.

Can you send a screenshot of your outbound policies?