Peplink Balance 300 Speed Problem

We are using Balance 300 with 3 WAN connections and each WAN connection has 100mbit speed. So total speed on the Balance 300 is 300mbit. When we try to connect internet via Balance 300, looks like clients can get max 15mbit speed.

Is it normal?

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If this really is a Balance 300 then it is about 15 years old and only supported up to 20Mbps of router throughput. Thanks

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Yeah from 2006 I think? I still have a datasheet for the Balance 300… (and 5 in a box somewhere)
PePLink_Balance_Series_datasheet.pdf (433.3 KB)

They are for sale online via second user equipment brokers but are no longer supported by Peplink so not recommended.


Hi all, thank you for your responses.

There 3 wan port and we connected 100mbps each port. As you guys mentioned, this balancer is out of date and it supports 20mbps.

But I just want to confirm some points to understand how it works.

  • Is that balancer collecting 3x100mbps in a pot and serving 20mbps/per user? So now are we using all of that 300mbps internet speed?
  • Or balancer can just use 20mbps of these 3x100mbps speed, so rest of internet connection is out of use?

Thanks all.

Hi. I think you may be confusing the speed at which the Ethernet ports can operate and the capacity of the router. While the ports may be set at 100 the router lacks the capacity to “handle” that much data. The latter is not surprising given the age of the device. So, the second of your bullets is more accurate. Note: Of the modern Peplink Balance line-up, even the “lowest” model, the Balance 20, has greater capacity than the aged 300.

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