Peplink Balance 30 what happens with WAN throughput exceeds hardware

I’m considering a Peplink Balance 30 for a home office. I’ve got a Verizon Fios connection at 35Mbps upload and 35Mbps download and a Charter Cable modem at 100Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. It seems like I should add up the uploads and downloads and get a throughput of 175. The peplink balance 30 only supports 100 so what effect would this have? It seems like downloads would top out at 100Mbps no matter what? I’m also very curious if the peplink could route my web traffic upstream on the Verizon Fios 35Mbps and downstream on the Charter 100Mbps downstream. I have usually 2 laptop web surfing over wifi and some phones connected to wifi going on at a time as well as tivos that sometimes are receiving streaming video from Netflix for example. It seems like I would definitely benefit from the redundancy of the 2 ISPs using the Peplink. How else might I benefit in real world usage? Thanks.

Hi There,

You are correct that the Balance 30 is rated for 100mb throughput synchronous (both up and down speeds) so you would be definitely going over that. The Balance will still operate and do the “best it can” to keep up with traffic but you would most likely start to see performance issues as things bottleneck at the Balance. I would recommend going up to at least the Balance 380 which is rated for 170mb for both up and download speeds.

The Peplink Balance would help out your situation in a variety of ways-the ability to prioritize traffic with load balancing (both inbound and outbound), the ability to assign QoS levels to traffic on an application/port level, hardware firewall capabilities, etc. The Balance is very flexible and can help improve a variety of deployments.

I do hope this helps to clarify matter, let us know if there are further questions at all.

The Balance 30 might work well in your situation because the Cable modem has a “theoretical maximum download” of 100Mbps. When you are sharing the bandwidth with your neighbors, it all depends on how many people are occupying the bandwidth. In other words, you are sharing the cable bandwidth. Hence I think in most situation, the 100Mbps bandwidth you have on the Balance 30 would do the job in your home office.

If you are putting the Balance in an office where you have more people to share the connection, then the Balance 380 would give you more rooms to scale. But for a single user home office with a Cable modem connection, the Balance 30 might just do well.

I have a fiber connection (GPON) at my home office and the service provider market it as a 500Mbps link, but I never see anything exceed 260Mbps.

Hope this helps.