Peplink balance 30 VPN issues/setup

Howdy all,

I am trying to connect to a network ( - it has the peplink 30 firewall) from another network using the pptp client. Using the pptp setup in windows, everything works fine but once i connect to the network, i cannot see any devices on that network other than the peplink device and i cannot see anything on my local network. i am new to pptp vpn’ing - is there definitions i need to put someplace for the peplink to allow me to see everything on and is there something i need to turn on so i can still see my local network when i am connected?

edit: i just used this docto solve the split tunnel issue - still need help on seeing devices on the remote network :slight_smile:

edit 2: i feel like the following info would be helpful: there is a device i CAN ping from the peplink device ( but i cannot from the laptop i am pptp’d into the network with. it screams out to me that i need to define the network (LAN) as accessible from the pptp but i am not sure where to do that. (possibly a NAT mapping?)

If the Balance has a “deny all” inbound firewall rule, create the following inbound rule for PPTP clients:

Source =
Destination = Any
Action = Allow

The destination of “Any” allows PPTP clients to also get back out to the internet. No NAT mapping is needed for the Balance PPTP server.

it would appear that the default firewall inbound rule is “allow” to any any, so that is what is there now.

i would think this is a bad default rule. also, i would have thought my question would be simple. i have a peplink with devices behind it, i cannot see them when logged in with pptp, i can only see the peplink. the peplink can ping all the devices behind it. what do i need to change?


We don’t do blocking by default since Balance 30 is a Link Load Balancer.

  1. Beside the LAN devices, are you able to ping Peplink LAN IP (192.168.10.x)?

  2. Please check all your Laptop’s network adapters by using “ipconfig/all | more”. Any network adapter having same subnet (192.168.10.x)?

I had this issue, 5 min search on the forum for this thread, as suspected was a fw rule issue. implemented the inbound rule for my LAN subnet - sorted. Thanks.