PepLink Balance 30 & routing IPSec VPN connections

We have just installed a new PepLink Balance 30. Our configuration used to be inbound ADSL (fixed IP) to a Cisco UCS. This supported inbound VoIP, IPSec VPN (via port forwarding rules on the ADSL modem/router), and outbound Internet access.

We got a second Internet link (different ISP, Cable modem) and would like to setup the full load balancing, failover, etc.

I have the PepLink currently connected to the cable modem via WAN2 and into the LAN. The PepLink is at LAN IP .1 and I plan to use it as the default gateway for all network traffic. I duplicated the port forwarding rules and currently I can RDP in from outside, but not do a IPSec connection.

While I recognize that I have not yet re-configured the Cisco for its default gateway via the PepLink, it shoudl recognize the port forward as coming from a “local” point and reply via that same IP.

IO am wondering whether I also need to make any modifications to the IPSec VPN under Interfaces or should my port-forwards alone be ok?



You won’t have to configure the IPsec VPN under “Interfaces” as that would be for terminating the VPN with the Peplink’s WAN interface. The Cisco will need to have the Peplink for its default gateway though.