Peplink Balance 30 LTE Reboots when WAN connected

we have a Peplink Balance 30 LTE, HW version 3 and this router reboots when cable is connected to WAN1 or WAN2
We have upgraded firmware to 8.1.2 and reset to factory defaults, with no results…

Any idea about this problem?

Best regards and many thanks

Sounds like a physical electro-mechanical issue to me.

Grab a different patch lead with nothing at the end. When plugged in does the Peplink reboot? What if you plug WAN1 to WAN2 directly does it reboot then?

If not, you need to fault find the connected equipment.

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Hi Martin!
Many thanks for your reply. With a different patch lead with nothing at the end, the Peplink does not reboot. But when connected from WAN1 to WAN2 it reboots inmediately
I think the same as you: sounds like a physical electro-mechanical issue…

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Time to log a ticket with support JJ. If it does it when you direct patch WAN1 to WAN2 there is a fault on the Balance I think. Engineering can confirm.

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