Peplink Balance 30 LTE Models | Reccomendation needed

  The router will be in installed on a yacht 
  • 75% of the time it uses the verizon 3/4g network in California. (CDMA)

  • 25% of the time the vessel travels down to Cabo san lucas, mexico and uses the Telcel 3/4G network.(GSM)

    * I would prefer to always use the embedded cellular modem (sim        cards). Since the b30 lte has two sim card slots, can I use the        model i just purchased (BPL-031-LTE-V) to implement this        configuration?
    **or do I need one of the other 2 models; **
    BPL-031-LTE-E-T ?


You can use this existing model BPL-031-LTE-V + USB modem that support Telcel 3/4G network for most cost effective way to achieve your requirement.

Chun Fatt