Peplink Balance 30 LTE - cellular stuck in resetting

I have a new Peplink Balance 30LTE and placed a Verizon SIM card in it. Boot up the router and I can’t get the cellar to work. When I look at the dashboard in the admin panel, cellular is stuck on “Resetting…” and has been like that for the last 14hrs.

Firmware: 8.0.2, build 4407. I suspect I may need a firmware update, however I can’t update it until I get internet.

Ideas on how to fix?

That’s curious. As an intital step, I’d suggest downloading firmware 8.1.0 from here … Then, connect that computer with the new FW on it to a LAN port and upgrade the firmware in the 30LTE. After doing that, if the modem still seems to be acting goofy, I’d go to the router’s support page, something like [change the address of your router if not] and look for an entry that looks something like this:
Take this opportunity to see if your cel module FW is up to date.

If these steps don’t fix the issue I’d (1) download a diagnostic report, (2) turn on RA and (3) open a ticket with the nice Peplink support folks.

I’ve recently had a similar experience with a BR1 LTEA on Verizon - the modem stuck in resetting (with the occasional brief cycle through connecting, and back again). Calling Verizon tech. support (and still pending for a resolution, now at Tier 3) they identified the issue as being that the SIM card was initially activated on a tablet, whereas the BR1 is a “connected device.”
Making the changeover seemed challenging to them and, as noted, still unresolved.

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