Peplink Balance 30 Firmware 5.3.12 won't upgrade

Not sure of this is the correct place for this question - I have two Balance 30 routers that are the exact same model. One of them upgrade to 8.1 firmware manually just fine.
The other one says it has applied the firmware upgrade successfully but always comes up under the same 5.3.12 version. The 8.1 version does not show up in the history under System: reboot.
Not sure why one Balance 30 upgraded to 8.1 and the other one will not?

Suspect the one that upgraded fine was on a later firmware and that firmware 5.3.12 is too old to do a single jump from there to 8.1.0. Are they the exact same hardware revision too (check under status tab)?

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You had it exactly correct. I had to scroll down to the archived firmware versions and upgrade from version 5 to version 7, after which the upgrade to version 8 was successful.
Than you for the assistance in resolving this problem.