Peplink Balance 30 completely unresponsive

Hi all

I bought a Peplink Balance 30 (and registered it here at PepLink) in 2013.

Yesterday (Friday 2016 Jan 22) it was still working and operating properly within my network.
Today, it does not work and there seems to be no way to even reset it. It turns on, and the lights of the ports that are connected to other devices lighten up, but:

  • pressing the reset button for even way longer than 10 seconds does not reset it. The Balance30 does not reboot.
  • if I connect it only to my computer, Windows shows “Identifying network” forever, and no IP is assigned. I thus do not have a way to download information from the device.

Of course, the warranty is now expired. But for a higher-level type of machinery like this, is there some way to repair it?
Am I on my own?



*EDIT: There have been no thunderstorms, nor spikes or blackouts in electricity distribution that I know of. It was a normal, quiet evening.

Please open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at your case and options:

Thanks. As requested I contacted you in private.