Peplink Balance 30 Can not port forwarding?

Dear All

i have some issue about peplink balance 30 that’s i cant config port forwarding, i already using guide from peplink balance, could anyone help me maybe some trcky i dont know it.

i use this guide Peplink | Pepwave - Forum to config port forwarding

Tri Susilo

Port forwarding is working for me. It is working well for our other customers. And we suspect something specific to your customer’s setup is causing this.

We are willing to take a closer look and we have a support ticket pending your reply regarding remote access to the unit. Why don’t we work from there?

Hi kurt this is some issue we try with another unit it’s work fine but in unit customer not working, now we schedule to visit customer and bring our backup unit to test in there


What type of connection are you using into the Balance 30? An easy way to test specific ports would be to enable WAN pings and specify the port your trying to forward. If you can’t hit it from remotely then the provider is liking using a private Nat’ed address. You could verify that by going to the dashboard and clicking on the WAN details to verify the IP, then go out to and see if the IP’s match. If they don’t, that’s going to be the first part of your problem.

Off the top of my head if your connection type is AT&T Uverse, AT&T 3G/4G, Verizon 3G/4G, Virgin Mobile your going to end up with a Nat’ed internal address.

any update of what was the problem? My company has recently purchased a Balance 30 as well, and we cannot access servers on the LAN from the WAN. We tried port forwarding and NAT but no go. The connection is on a public ip address, and I can remotely connect to the Balance 30 from the Internet.

Since you have confirmed that the Balance 30 is holding a public IP, it should be able to perform port forwarding or NAT.

You may refer to the configuration reference at Peplink | Pepwave - Forum to cross check if there is anything missing.