Peplink Balance 30, ability to set set threshold speed


I want to know if I can able to set the threshold speed for one of the WANS, so after completing the available bandwidth, Balance 30 will take the threshold speed as the speed to optimise.

Also, sometimes using Balance 30 is slowing the internet for all the users. Using the internet directly gave the users a normal speed. Keep in mind that I tried to make the internet routes as bridge where it will forward the public IP to peplink but still the performance not as if it is a direct connection to the router.

It sounds like you are referring to the overflow algorithm and it will work just fine as long as you enter the correct UL/DL speeds of each connection on the corresponding WAN setup page.

What I want to do is have two options for line speed. The first one is before the line reached its bandwidth limit, the other one is when the line is beyond the limit for this month. usually the telecom company is giving a full speed when the usage is below the monthly allocated bandwidth, after that it reduce the speed but still I can access the internet.

Is there a way to set that?

There is no way to adjust the connection speed based on how much data has been transferred.