Peplink Balance 30 - 100% CPU Load?

Hey everyone!

I just received my Peplink Balance 30 today, and after a few minutes configuring it, I got it up and running online using one the WAN1 (DHCP on a simple 3MB DSL line) port (secondary connection comes next week). The B30 came with a 5.x firmware, so I registered the B30 with Peplink and upgraded the firmware to 6.2.0 build 2895 so I could utilize InControl2.

Here’s my problem though – since doing this, the B30 keeps showing 100% CPU Load. I’ve kept the Dashboard up to watch it, and it never drops down below 100%. Since I’m currently only using WAN1, and nothing else, I’m concerned about adding a second connection to the B30 if it’s already steady at 100% CPU usage … I’m also concerned about the longevity if it’s burning at 100% CPU Load!


Peplink Balance 30


6.2.0 build 2895


0 day 2 hours 56 minutes

CPU Load:



Is there anything I can do to fix this? … Should I be concerned?:confused:

This is not normal behavior so please open a support ticket with us here so we can investigate the issue.

Support ticket has been submitted! – Thanks, Ron.