Peplink Balance 2500 Mounting Kit Problem

hi Peplink, there is some I want to highlight to you.

  1. I notice that inside your box doesn’t provide any details instruction manual on how to install your mounting kit for the balance 2500.
  2. The mounting kit is very difficult to install.
  3. The mounting kit quality is not good, u can see the attachment.

The mounting guide is available in Miscellaneous Download of our website.

Hi Lai, the instruction is not clear enough, I think you all should have a better manual for this. and mean while want to highlight the quality of the mounting kit is worst, the things always jam and give us nightmare. Hope you can highlight to your manufacturer about this.

Hi Lai,

Thank you for your concern. We will look into this for the improvement.

Hi Team,

Where can I order a completely new rail kit for a Balance 2500?

The Peplink eStore :slight_smile:

Hi Eric, do you have a part number by chance?

Jon Grote
Partner Development Manager

Hi Jon,

Sorry ignore my previous post, I misread it as rack mounts. We don’t have the rail mount kits, unfortunately.