Peplink Balance 210 & Speedfusion



Do all hardware revisions (HW1-HW4) include Speedfusion Hotfailover, Smoothing, and Bonding? Is there any visible/physical differences between the HW revisions?



Hi @mystery,

I’ve found a few links which should answer your question:-

Summary of the release date for each model. Note, Hardware 2 and 3 are the same > Here <

Datasheet for the Hardware version 1 (other Balance models at the time are also shown). This is from March 2010 > Here <

Datasheet for Hardware versions 2 & 3. This also shows other Balance models available at that time - April 2012 > Here <

The current hardware version is release 4 - the specs for this model are available > Here <

Please note, WAN Smoothing is a new feature available from Firmware 7, therefore this will not apply to Hardware 1, but should apply to the other hardware versions.

Latest Firmware (5.4.9) for HW 1 is available > Here <

Latest Firmware (7.1.2) for HW 2 and 3 is available > Here <

Latest Firmware (7.1.2) for HW 4 is available > Here <

You can also try our Beta Firmware (8.0.0b3)
Hardware 2 / 3 > Here <
Hardware 4 > Here <

I hope this helps,



Thank you, that is VERY helpful!

One last question, in order to use Speedfusion, is an active service/totalcare subscription required?

Thanks again


Hi Mystery,

You can configure SpeedFusion manually on each device, this does NOT require an active service / totalcare or subscription to use SpeedFusion. However, to manage the SpeedFusion connections using InControl2, you would.

I hope this helps,



So I see on the newer 210/310 the Speedfusion throuhput was 150 mbps unencrypted or 80 mbps encrypted. Any idea on the hardware 2/3? I only see mention of 30 mbps ‘bonded’ … what is that in reference to?

Thank you!


Hi Mystery,

I’ve found a slightly later link to the Balance 210/310 - still hardware 2/3 > Here < This shows the 30Mb/s as “PepVPN/SpeedFusion Throughput”.

I hope this helps,



Thank you Steve