Peplink Balance 210 Multi-WAN Router BPL-210 v1 HW01

Hi all!

This might be a really obvious question - but we have been offered the above router. Two questions if poss…

Firstly, are we able to use this router with the Speedfusion cloud service?
and secondly, can this model be used with the self hosted Speedfusion Solo on our own AWS or other host?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance!


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Following as I am interested in a similar device

Hi James. Don’t buy it.

A HW1 B210 is a very old device. Maybe 10 years old. It has a maximum throughput of 50Mbps. It does not support Speedfusion Cloud because the latest firmware it can run is 5.4.9 (released Nov 2016). It needs to be recycled not resold.

Buy a Balance 20X instead.
or a Surf soho


Thank you Martin.

Very helpful. I also saw your video on YouTube about setting up speedfusion. Also very helpful.

Are you a reseller in the UK? Or can recommend one?

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No worries - glad to help.

Sure am website is Will send you a message with our contact details.