Peplink Balance 210 DNS Server Settings

Hi all,

We have a Peplink 210 with two active WAN accounts. The WAN1 account is a Cable Account with a Dynamic IP address and the WAN2 account is a ADSL2 account with a Static IP address. We would like our domain ( to be routed from WAN1 to WAN2 if WAN1 goes down.

I have followed the steps to setup the DNS Server as per this link –…id=190&path=21. I logged onto my domain created two NS Records –, pointing to the Peplink using the IP Addresses from the two WAN Accounts.

My only problem is that the WAN1 account has a dynamic ip address and when I create the NS Records under my domain it asks for the IP Address. It requires at least two NS Records for the domain to be active. Can I create two NS Records, lets say and that point to the same IP Address, the static ip address for the ADSL2 account and let the Peplink handle the fallover if one of the WAN connections go down? Or are there other steps I must follow to get this working.

I am not sure if this matters but we use dyndns to handle the dynamic IP Address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Fixed IP addresses are required for the authoritative DNS feature in the Balance. You would need a static IP address (one for each WAN) in order for this to work.