Peplink Balance 210 blocking camera traffic

We have a Balance 210 that appears to be blocking DVR traffic from the local LAN out to the WAN port

I ping the DVR which is plugged into our cable modem directly and is being given a IP address internally.
The firewall on the comcast modem is setup to forward port 80, 8000 and 8001 to the .150 IP which is our DVR.
Then our cameras all plug into that DVR via ethernet. There is a integrated switch.

Before the Peplink we had a Watchguard. Now after the Peplink has been installed, we can’t view or manage our cameras from the LAN. Our LAN is 10.0.0.x given out by the Peplink.

We can ping the DVR on

The traffic goes from the local address of the computer to the gateway of, out to the static IP, then back down to the Local IP on the cable modem.

But our thought is that the traffic isn’t coming back in correctly.

Has any one had an issue where they have had similar issues? A device or port forwarding that isn’t working for local LAN devices after the Peplink is put in place?

Sounds like you are on the right track. Is it possible the cable modem needs to know about your LAN network? A static route in the cable modem pointing to the WAN IP of your Balance for may solve the issue for you as it might be using its default gateway to the ISP instead.