Peplink balance 20x with RING ALARM PRO

We did an install a couple of days ago where the customer had purchased a Ring alarm pro for their business, to use zwave devices, sensors and to provide alarm services.
We were installing our VOIP phone services and I explained to our client the benefits of sd-wan , failover while a call is in progress and why we use cellular on the pepwave to failover and also provide call quality.
The customer wanted to use their Ring alarm pro as the cellular backup.
Since the device was already on site, provides 3gb of cellular data and then $3/GB cellular backup data , I decided to see how we could integrate with it to provide the best service for him.
We set it up so that the Ring alarm pro wan is on LAN2 of the pepwave on a seperate vlan.
This vlan has an enforced outbound policy that only allow the Ring alarm Pro to utilize the wired wan of the pepwave.
This allows us to then connect a lan side of the Ring alarm pro , back into the pepwave on the usb wan interface.
This allows us to use the Spectrum wired wan internet, the ring alarm pro built-in cellular and the cellular of the 20x.
Another reason that we connect it in the manor is then the ring alarm pro will still be able to have a primary wan interface via the spectrum to save
on cellular unless it truely goes out.
I currently have the built-in cellular on p3 of the speedfusion tunnels, as I’m not sure how quickly the ring alarm pro will switch over to cellular and since it’s built-in to the device , I can’t tell if I’m using spectrum, or cellular, until the primary wired wan goes down.
Here is a diagram of the deployment.