Peplink Balance 20X reboots/hangs with Apple TV 4K

Curious if anyone else has run into an issue with the Apple TV 4K causing the Peplink Balance 20X to either reboot or hang.

I’ve now experienced 4 reboots and 1 hang of the Peplink within the last 4 weeks. All of it seems to happen when the Apple TV 4K either turns on or when a movie is about to be streamed.

The Apple TV is connecting to the Peplink via wifi (I’d rather it be wired, but that isn’t an option right now).

I’ve gone and looked at the logs on the Peplink and for anything useful on the support web page, but nothing jumps out.


Just a guess. It might be an issue with the 2.4GHz WiFi frequency band. Try and disable all usage of this band and limit yourself to the 5GHz band.

My Balance 20X has been spontaneously rebooting for a few weeks now. It isn’t constant, just occasional, but it should never happen. I’ve opened a support ticket.

I’ve stuck with Peplink because my experience until recently has been that Peplink routers have been very reliable and trouble-free. If that’s no longer going to be the case, I may reluctantly have to look for another vendor.

I have Apple TV 4K boxes on the network, wired, and use them frequently. I haven’t seen any pattern that would suggest the Apple TV boxes are causing the problem. Actually, the 20X seems to reboot at times when no one is streaming or doing much anything else in the network.

@cover ,

I will help for your ticket and investigate further for the issue.


Do you think you can open a ticket for me to check on that ?

It’s been a while since I tried using AppleTV but when I did, it didn’t seem to work with the network nicely.
I was using Google WiFi pucks and I had multiple cameras streaming video nicely. Add the AppleTV for output from the iPad and everything goes to shit.
Remove the AppleTV and it all goes back to normal.
I attribute it to Apple hardware playing loosy goosey with communications protocols to do some fancy device to device stuff- and screwing up everything else.

Perhaps the router reboots are electrical? Maybe. Is yours plugged into either a surge protector or a UPS?

Interesting thought. I hadn’t considered an electrical issue. The B20X is on a UPS, so I don’t think it would lose power.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I’m currently only using 5Ghz band.

Just saw the information about issues with 8.1.2 on 2.4Ghz on your website. Thanks for the tip (and a great resource for everyone trying to up their router security at home)!


Thanks for sharing you experience with the 20X. Hang in there. I still believe they’re very reliable and trouble-free. All products/firmware have a quirk in them at some point. @sitloongs has been great to work with in the past on resolving issues. I see he’s replied below already and looking to help.


Hello @sitloongs. I appreciate the help! I’ll definitely get a ticket created to help with investigating further. Thanks again for your prompt reply (you’ve been great to work with over the last 4 years and it’s much appreciated!)



Thanks for the info on your experiences with the Apple TV and the Google WiFi pucks. I know a handful of people using those for their home networks and they’ve also had quirks with Apple products in general on the network.

Just as in networking we have load balancing and failover, the same concept applies to a UPS. You do not want one that only does failover, you want one that does load balancing. The feature to look for is “line interactive” which means the power levels will always be around normal. Nothing too high or too low is allowed. A line interactive UPS costs more and it will also do failover (which is called battery backup).

I have exactly the same problems:
Brand new B20x hangs during high office load, video call and teams streaming or also private Apple TV streaming (connected via Wifi and AP One AX to the B20X). Same, whenever we start a WAN speedtest (from wired PC or vell phone via Wifi).
If WAN1 detects a DNs failure, the whole intranet traffic stopps despite USB wan 2 is still connected and reachable via InControl2.
Firmware tested 8.2.0s043 build 5157 and 8.2.0 GA.
Ticket No. # 22040009