Peplink Balance 20x | Network Dropping But No Logs

Hi All,

We have a peplink balance 20x with 57 clients and the network seems to be dropping periodically.

We have ~15 Polycom VVX500 series hosted phones on the network registered to a cloud VoIP provider.

The remaining devices are computers, printers, smart phones, etc.

The Uptime on the device has remained constant and the ‘online’ time for WAN has remained constant, but something is causing the network status to drop out.

I wanted to check to see what your thoughts were?

We have run some packet captures through the support.cgi menu, but only after the fact and they haven’t reported anything. The traffic logs don’t show any spikes in traffic, etc., so we don’t think there is a DDOS attack occurring.

I wanted to check if there is anything else I may need to investigate?

Our current thought is to put a PC with wireshark/tcpdump to monitor the LAN to catch this occurring.

what is CPU load like when its dropping

What symptoms do you see? Is it all phones going offline then registering? Do the users complain of internet access issues too? Does it have a public IP you could ping remotely?

I would likely setup a VPN to the B20x and use ping plotter to ping its LAN IP over the tunnel, maybe a phone too and see what happens.

How many WANs does the B20X have?

Thanks for the response.

Symptoms vary from phone to phone, but it seems like they are all unregistering briefly, and in the past couple of incidents they have unregistered for less than a 5-10 seconds, but they didn’t notice Internet outages.

They have noticed some Internet issues in the past few occurrences and the phones were unregistered as well for a minute or so.

Each time this has occurred, we haven’t seen the Internet drop on the Peplink’s event log or on our NMS for the customer (polling at 120 seconds), but we didn’t think it was an Internet outage issue until the most recent occurence.

Do you have a recommendation on the ping plotter tool?

What PBX is it? Do the logs there tell you anything more?

What WAN connections does the B20X have? is good
GitHub - bp2008/pingtracer: Graphical pinging and traceroute application. Ping Tracer continuously pings each network host between your computer and a given destination, helping identify the source of connectivity problems. is free

Thanks again! I will check those tools out.

We have tickets open with the cloud PBX vendor to see. It is Momentum.

It only has a single WAN connection which we manage, but has not gone offline. We are entertaining putting a cellular connection in to see if we are missing something or if the Pepwave is trying to failover even though it’s technically up.

Try this and post your results:

remove all geo-filter fire wall rules

I have a ticket open and getting nowhere, i sell the peplink brand and have over 75 in my InControl that I manage, this geo-filtering has caused more harm than good, in my latest i was testing a ping to and with geo US only allowed rule >60ms responce, removed geo filtering <7ms and so far no wan drops.

please post your results