Peplink Balance 20X Keeps Rebooting

Running on Firmware 8.2.0 build 5141
Randomly restarted 3 times today during a live broadcast.
I am live again tomorrow. Short of pulling the Pep out of our studio, anyone else experienced the same problems and have a solution?

Whats the power source? What does log say?

We are using the power supply supplied with the device

Log is attached and simply says system startup as you can see in the attached at 14:24 and again at 20:12. We login and have the real time status reports running to monitor bandwidth usage during the broadcast.

@Shaun_Brickell, please help to open a ticket for us to check. Thanks.

Maybe fall back to prior firmware? Also, power is an obvious suspect. If possible, connect the router an on-line UPS. Online UPSs keep the power in a normal range all the time.