Peplink Balance 20 Web Interface Not Responding


I have a Peplink Balance 20 that suddenly stopped responding to its web interface. It was at a remote location and the PEPVPN also wouldn’t connect. If I connected to it on the lan port, it would give me a dhcp address. I can ping it. But, a port scan revealed that all of the ports are closed. I have reset the router, and it defaulted to It still gives me an IP address, but again, all the ports are closed. It was working properly for a number of years without any problems. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this problem further? Thanks in advance.


Please share the URL you used to access the Balance 20’s Web Admin.

Ensure there is 1 LAN connection to your laptop only. Reboot the Balance 20. Are you able to access the Web Admin after the reboot?

May I know what is color of the status LED?


The LED status is green for both the status and the power. There is only one lan connection to my laptop. I rebooted it a number of times, including resetting the firmware. I am attempting to access the web interface at The device shows no ports open at all using an nmap scan. The device does give me an IP, so the dhcp server is working. I can ping the IP address of the device. However, the web interface and advanced functions do not work at all. Thanks for the response.


Have you added this Balance 20 into InControl2? If so, are you able to access it via the Remote Web Admin? Please PM me the serial number if you don’t mind.