Peplink balance 20 to verizon DSL - D-Link DSL-2750B - how to?

What is the best way to connect to Verizon’s DSL via the peplink balance 20?

Is it possible to utilize the 2750B / wireless modem+router with the peplink so that I can still :

  • do fail over with a yet to be added second wan source
  • still use the 2750B’s wireless
  • have the wireless users be on the same network segment as the users coming off of the peplink?

Or do I need to instead, either:

  • disable the wireless on the provided 2750b
  • add a wireless to the lan side of the peplink

I’m guessing I need to change the supplied verizon modem to act as a pass through of some sort. and then connect it to a peplink wan port, and then configure the p2p in the peplink?

I’ve had some limited networking experience, but am no where near an expert. So if someone can give a rough outline, i’m hoping I will only have a few questions from that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You should put the DSL modem in bridge mode and disable the wireless. This will allow a public IP to be passed through to the WAN port on the Peplink. You can easily add a new wireless AP to the LAN, I recommend our Pepwave AP One:

Thanks -Tim

Thanks, this sort of what I expected, but not completely familiar with the terminology.

Unfortunately, I don’t see in the manual how to set the dlink to “bridge mode” … or at least it is not clear to me.

Any chance you can provide a point in the right direction?

The best thing to do would be to contact your provider and they should be able to help you with this.