Peplink Balance 20 Questions

I am thinking of purchasing a Peplink 20 or Cisco - RV042G

We have 6 users and rely heavily on internet and phones. We have:
a) 2 Wan lines line 1)Wan 1: Cable 80 MB download 30 MB Down 2) Wan 2: DSL 15 MB down 1.3 UP
b) 6 Users - PC’s
c) 1 Lan file server - no nas.
d) 4 VOIP T/A’s - each capable of 2 discrete phone lines
e) Entire office wired for Cat 5E

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

  1. I would like to protocol bind 7 VOIP lines to Wan 2 but if Wan 2 fails, I would like them routed to Wan 1.
  2. Also I want 7 VOIP lines to have QOS priority on Wan 2, but if Wan 2 fails, I want the 7 lines to go to Wan 1 and have QOS priority on Wan 1
  3. I want to drive all other traffic to Wan 1 with QOS priority for Skype. However if Wan 1 fails for all traffic to go to Wan 2 with Top priority a) Voip b) Skype c) Other traffic
  4. Occasional VPN use,

Here’s how we do it now…we use 2 Routers…and do a manual switch…both routers have QOS for first VOIP, second Skype machine, third others…we have been using QOS based on priority and IP address.


  1. Is Peplink 20 able to do what I am trying to accomplish?
  2. If I purchase it, how would I go about it?..what settings, how load balance strategy do you recommend for deployment…I would like to use the simulator on your site to test it…I hate to buy and return.
  3. I am concerned about the overall bandwidth 80+30 + 15 + 1.5 But the Cable is sometimes at 80 and sometimes at 50 so Total Available Bandwidth varies between 126 MB to 90 MB. I do not what happens when bandwidth goes beyond, is it just limited or is the VOIP packet loss a concern?
  4. If Wan 2 goes down, how quickly would my VOIP lines switch to Wan 1? and then how quickly after Wan 2 restoration will it go back to Wan 2.
  5. Does Peplink 30 sense bandwidth and adjust to the cable up/down or is that a manual entry? If manual entry then does Peplink throttle bandwidth at the numbers or does it just use that as a reference for load balancing?
  6. If you can compare with Cisco RV042G any hard comparison would be appreciated even though I am leaning towards Peplink 20.
  7. I run my small office, but affiliated with 65 similar offices between 3 & 10 users. Many other offices have followed our lead on technology adoption. So your guidance and steering us would be greatly valued.

Thanks for the questions, yes, the Peplink Balance is perfectly suited for your application.

One of our reseller partners should be able to help you with any pre and post sales support you may need.

Thanks Tim, We have already spoken in detail with Smarteam.